Student Resources

Dropping a Course Before Drop/Add Ends

Students may drop their course(s) before the drop/add period ends to avoid becoming liable for tuition and fees. Courses dropped during drop/add will not appear on transcripts, and it will be as though the student was never registered for the course. To drop a course before drop/add ends:

  • Fill out the department Course Drop Form.
  • Note that you are required to complete the department Course Drop Form even if you drop the course in Student Self Service.
  • Students cannot drop courses by contacting instructors.

Dropping a Course After Drop/Add Ends

Students who drop their course(s) after the drop/add period ends will be liable for all course tuition. The course will appear on transcripts with a grade of W. To drop a course after drop/add ends, students must email their request to the registration team at, who will reply with any necessary paperwork and instructions.

A grade of incomplete may be awarded at the instructor’s discretion under certain circumstances to allow a student to make up unfinished coursework. To request a grade of incomplete:

  • Contact the instructor of the course directly at any point in the semester after drop/add ends. The instructor will consider your request and give any further instructions applicable.
  • An instructor may choose to grant or deny a request for a grade of incomplete, depending on the circumstances.

Enrollment Verification

Students may need enrollment verification to prove to a loan company, scholarship or benefits provider or employer that they are enrolled in courses.

To obtain enrollment verification, follow the instructions at the UF registrar’s verification website after drop/add ends.

Recovering UFID

If students cannot find or remember their 8-digit UFID, they can retrieve it with the UFID Identifier.

Name Change

If your name has changed or is listed incorrectly in the UF system, please email the registration team at for instructions on how to get the information updated.

Obtaining a Gator1 ID Card

Distance students many obtain a Gator1 ID card. Please visit Gator1 Central for instructions.

Library Access

Distance students enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students.

Use the University of Florida Library System.


Transcripts are not automatically issued after each term and must be requested by students if desired.

To gain access to unofficial transcripts:

  • Go to and log in with your Gatorlink credentials. Click on “Transcripts” then “Unofficial Transcript.”
  • Students who have graduated or who have not taken courses in more than a semester will not have access to unofficial electronic transcripts.

To request official transcripts:

  • Go to and log in with your Gatorlink credentials. Click on “Transcripts” then “Order a Transcript” and follow the instructions.