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What is CAC Certification?

Published: May 5th, 2017

Substance use disorder counseling, also called addiction counseling, is a rapidly growing field offering a variety of career opportunities. Entering this profession requires specialized training, and there are several different […]

Substance Abuse vs. Dependence: What’s the Difference?

Published: Dec 5th, 2014

Stigma often surrounds the use of terms such as addiction, dependence, and substance abuse. In recent years, related medical terminology has been changed and clarified. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual […]

What is CAP Certification?

Published: Sep 23rd, 2014

Rising demand for addiction treatment, thanks to expanded insurance access, has led to a greater need for qualified addiction treatment professionals. Credentialing agencies play an important role in ensuring quality […]

Should Marijuana be Legal? Things to Consider Before Voting

Published: Jul 25th, 2014

The legality of marijuana has been a topic of ongoing debate in the U.S. since the Great Depression, but public sentiments regarding the substance have been tentative and shifting since […]